Sarah Jones

A Spiritual Journey

Sarah trained back in 1999 in the traditional art of Reiki.  Having been on a spiritual path since the age of 17, the Reiki further enhanced her clairsentient abilities and led her along the path to work with other therapies such as healing crystals, Animal Flower Remedies and Angel Healing.   Eleventh in line from Mikao Usui, Sarah is an Accredited Master Teacher, a member of the UK Reiki Federation and frequently runs Equine Reiki Workshops from her home in the New Forest.   


In 2016, Sarah qualified in Equine Sports Massage (Dip) ICAT, and after losing her own horse in 2019, she went on to train as an Animal Communicator (Dip).  Sarah is a fully insured member of ACAT. 

In addition, Sarah is a British Horse Society Accredited Professional Coach as well as a Centre 10 Advanced Coach.  A rider and instructor of over 30 years, Sarah is able to use her knowledge of the horse/rider bio-mechanics to assess and balance the horse not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Sarah works on the horse holistically and her ability to communicate and heal not only puts the horse at ease, but can also help to heal emotional wounds that have been buried for years. 


Tranquil Touch Equine Therapy

Because sometimes your horse deserves a little more than just a massage ...

Available Treatments

Healing Holistically

Equine Sports Massage

Healing the body

Horses can sustain muscle tension through hacking, dressage, jumping, travelling, rolling in the field, spooking .. just about any daily activity, just as we can.  If the rider is tight, out of balance or out of alignment, this can transfer to the horse as the horse will have tried to compensate for the imbalance.


Massage works to ease tired muscles, improving circulation, releasing built up toxins, helping with tightness and trauma from poorly fitting tack, helping with asymmetry or assisting rehab from injuries.  It can also be used as benefit prior to, or after competition.  It helps to warm up the horses muscles for work through improved blood circulation or helps in the recovery process by assisting in the removal of toxins.  


Sarah works with manual massage techniques and stretches, 

incorporating TTouch and Energy Releases where needed.  Sarah will also use the H-Wave machine where she feels deeper manipulation of the muscles will be beneficial.   

Working holistically, on assessment, Sarah will also look at your horse's tack fit, teeth and foot balance.  As a qualified ICAT Practitioner, Sarah has been trained in assessing these areas for potential problems and will always refer you to your vet, farrier, saddler, dentist, should issues be found in these areas that may be effecting the horse's way of going.  

Please note that it is a requirement of all qualified Equine Muscular Therapy Practitioners to gain the signed pre-consent of the client's vet before attending to a horse for massage treatments.  

Sarah is an Accredited Member of the Association of Complimentary Animal Therapies. 

Animal Communication

Healing the mind

Sometimes, as an owner of any animal, there will be that question you want to know the answer to:

Are you in pain?

How are you feeling?

What is wrong?

What am I doing wrong?

How can I make things right?

Why are you acting this way?

Is it time to let go?

To be able to have the ability to ask your animal that question, or indeed any question, and receive an answer is not only incredible, but it can mend bonds and strengthen existing ones.  

As a communicator, Sarah is able to communicate with your animal, scan the body for areas of pain, illness disease and/or help you to find the answer that you need.  Sarah is able to communicate distantly via a photograph or in person. 

Sarah is also able to work with animals that have transitioned, or are ready to transition.  

Reiki (Equine, Animal & Human)

Healing for the Soul

Sarah's experience of Reiki healing with both animals and humans is extensive.  With the ability to heal using hands on, or via distance, Reiki will heal the individual through working on the root cause of the problem, not just the symptom.  Reiki is able to heal blockages and wounds from present and previous lives, allowing energies to flow and emotional imbalances that cause physical issues to be released.  Reiki is an extremely powerful form of healing and does not require the belief of the recipient in order for it to work.

Sarah is a Master/Teacher and runs regular 2 day certificated workshops from her home in the New Forest.  These courses are specifically tailored to Reiki Levels 1, 2 or Masters Degree and incorporate working alongside horses, cats and dogs if requested.

Sarah is a member of the UK Reiki Federation. 


"The horse is a mirror to your soul"



Initial Visit Equine Sports Massage to include tack/teeth/foot balance analysis £45

Follow up Equine Sports Massage £40 

Equine Sports Massage to include H-Wave Treatment £45

Equine Hands on Reiki Treatment £25

Distance Reiki Treatment £15

Animal Communication Site visit £40

Animal Communication Distant Reading £30 

Reiki Level 1 Practitioner Course £150


Reiki Level 2 Practitioner Course £250

Reiki Masters Degree POA

Animal Communication Workshops and Owner Equine Massage Workshops also available upon request!

Please note all prices cover a 10 mile radius from Bramshaw.

Please contact Sarah, should you have any further queries !

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07970 530026

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It's always lovely to get some feedback .. especially when working with healing and animal communication ... 

Sarah's course was emotional and life changing ...

I can't recommend Sarah highly enough, she is caring, compassionate and truly gifted ...

The information given to me was incredible and has allowed me to change and improve our relationship ...

Sarah was able to tell me something that no one else would have known ...